Tailored support: Evidence Scopes

 Tailored support: Evidence scopes

Making confident decisions based on evidence: what does the research say?

Evidence scopes provide a rapid overview of the main research messages and their implications for practice, as well as signposting to further resources around a specific or unique organisational query.

Our experienced researchers are able to provide objective and expert input to help you develop sustainable policies and practices - saving you valuable time and resources compared to you undertaking these reviews yourself.

The way in which you can make use of an evidence scope is highly flexible. It could be to ensure that a new policy is robust or identify what existing knowledge there is within the sector on a pressing topic or inform improved practice approaches.

Supporting Action for Children to develop young researchers

Action for Children wanted to develop and refresh their approach to working with children and young people as researchers.

They used their two days of Research in Practice tailored support to commission an ‘options paper’.

We undertook a review of research, evidence and guidance on working with young researchers in order to inform Action for Children’s practice in this area. Drawing on the evidence base, the paper outlined the different models; options; approaches and tools to recruit; support and work with children and young people to undertake research. Action for Children’s staff were invited to reflect on the choices and options available to them, in order to refine their organisational approach to working with young researchers.

Research in Practice has helped further develop our thinking and approach to involving children and young people in research.

The partnership provided an excellent sounding board for ideas; it helped create a range of options to explore, and a number of key questions to address.

All of this has added real value to the project.




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