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[PUBLICATIONS] Children Experiencing Domestic Violence: A Research Review

Research reviews and summaries
Published: October 2011

This research review explores the research and evidence around children’s experience of domestic violence and the role of multiagency service responses and interventions. It includes findings on prevalence and patterns of abuse, effects on children’s development, and

[PUBLICATIONS] Children Experiencing Domestic Violence: Signpost summary

Research reviews and summaries
Published: June 2011

This summarises the key findings of the research review, Children Experiencing Domestic Violence: A Research Review (Stanley 2011). It includes research and evidence around prevalence, effects on children’s development, the interaction with parenting and children’s he

[PUBLICATIONS] Assessing parents' capacity to change: Frontline Tool (2013)

Frontline resources
Published: August 2013

This tool accompanies the Frontline Briefing: Assessing Parents' Capacity to Change. In table format it provides examples of well-validated tools to support assessment in key domains of child, parent and family functioning. Number of pages: 3 Product code: CH-FBT-008

[PUBLICATIONS] Engaging resistant, challenging and complex families: Strategic Briefing (2012)

Strategic Briefings
Published: November 2012

This briefing considers the dual issues of families’ perceived ‘resistance’, and problems of service design and delivery that make services inaccessible or unattractive to engage with. It looks at what causes families to seemingly ‘resist’, organisat

[PUBLICATIONS] Evidence Matters in Family Justice: Resource Pack (2012)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: October 2012

This resource pack includes a range of briefings, tools and practical exercises to help managers and social workers prepare and present evidence in court. It covers the policy landscape of family justice, how to use research in court effectively and strengthen assessments for cou

[PUBLICATIONS] Assessing risk of further child maltreatment - a research-based approach: Practice Tool (2013)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: June 2013

This tool supports practitioners to take a research-based approach to assessing the risk of further child maltreatment. It covers a 'structured professional judgement' approach which combines the use of research-based tools with professional judgement to produce assessments that

[PUBLICATIONS] Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Workers

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: April 2012

This publication outlines how Research in Practice's evidence-informed resources map against the Professional Capabilities framework. It will be useful for individual social workers, and to managers, learning and development leads and all those tasked with implementing the PCF i

[PUBLICATIONS] Safeguarding in the 21st century: Signpost summary

Research reviews and summaries
Published: January 2010

This summary of the research review, Safeguarding in the 21st century - where to now includes the key findings and recommendations on assessment, interventions such as relationship-based practice and supporting parenting, and ways of working to support more effective safeguarding

[PUBLICATIONS] Analysis and critical thinking: literature review: Literature Review (2009)

Research reviews and summaries
Published: January 2009

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published. This literature review draws together ideas from current literature and research about assessment and the kind of thinking that is needed to support this central dimension of practice. It highlights the role of an

[PUBLICATIONS] Communicating effectively with children under 5: A3 chart (2013)

Frontline resources
Published: March 2013

This chart briefly summarises some of the approaches and tools that a practitioner can draw on to communicate effectively with children under five. It also looks at how these might be used to inform an assessment. Number of pages: 2 Product code: CH-FBT-007
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