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[PUBLICATIONS] Assessing parents' capacity to change: Frontline Tool (2013)

Frontline resources
Published: August 2013

This tool accompanies the Frontline Briefing: Assessing Parents' Capacity to Change. In table format it provides examples of well-validated tools to support assessment in key domains of child, parent and family functioning. Number of pages: 3 Product code: CH-FBT-008

[PUBLICATIONS] Assessing risk of further child maltreatment - a research-based approach: Practice Tool (2013)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: June 2013

This tool supports practitioners to take a research-based approach to assessing the risk of further child maltreatment. It covers a 'structured professional judgement' approach which combines the use of research-based tools with professional judgement to produce assessments that

[PUBLICATIONS] Team-Based Learning – Assessing parental capacity to change: Training Course

Frontline resources
Published: April 2016

These resources were developed as part of a Research in Practice Change Project, and use the Team-Based Learning training method to support the delivery of a four-module course on Assessing parental capacity to change. Training is delivered to whole teams, including managers, acr

[PUBLICATIONS] Child neglect and its relationship to sexual harm and abuse: responding effectively to children's needs (Updated)

Evidence Scopes
Published: November 2016

This series of open access evidence scopes considers the potential relationship between neglect and forms of sexual harm and abuse: child sexual exploitation; intra-familial child sexual abuse; and harmful sexual behaviours. These different types of harm rarely exist in isolation

[PUBLICATIONS] Assessing parents' capacity to change: Frontline Briefing (2013)

Frontline resources
Published: August 2013

This briefing is for frontline practitioners working across wider Children’s Services with families for whom there may be safeguarding concerns. It provides a framework to guide assessment and partnership working with these families, in particular, on one specific element of as

[PUBLICATIONS] Analysis and critical thinking in assessment: Literature review (2014)

Research reviews and summaries
Published: July 2014

Analysis and critical thinking are central to good practice in children’s services, whether assessing if a child has additional needs or proceeding with a complex child protection inquiry. The literature review examines analytical, critical and reflective thinking and writi

[PUBLICATIONS] Measuring the wellbeing of looked after children - current approaches and future recommendations: Strategic Briefing (2016)

Strategic Briefings
Published: July 2016

This briefing sets out a range of approaches to measuring and evaluating wellbeing and mental health outcomes for looked after children. It contains practical advice for using existing datasets to monitor the wellbeing of the looked after population and proposes additional tools,

[PUBLICATIONS] Lifespan personalisation: Strategic Briefing (2015)

Strategic Briefings
Published: March 2015

The aligning of policy across children’s and adults’ services creates an opportunity to implement a lifespan approach to personalisation, improving outcomes for disabled children and young people, individuals and families, whilst reducing duplication and bureaucracy f

[PUBLICATIONS] Impact of the Family Justice Reforms Phase 3: Exploring variation across 21 local authorities (2016)

Evidence Scopes
Published: May 2015

This study builds on two previous research projects that explored the impact of the family justice reforms on frontline practice. The report draws on the views of professionals in 21 local authorities across 15 Local Family Justice Boards. It provides evidence on factors which ma

[PUBLICATIONS] Assessing and supporting family and friends care: Practice Tool (2015)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: December 2015

Since the Children Act 1989 there has been increasing emphasis in UK law and policy on placing children requiring substitute care with family and friends, and the Children and Young Persons Act 2008 states this should be the first option. The aim of this Practice Tool is to assi
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