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[PUBLICATIONS] Trauma-informed approaches with young people: Frontline Briefing (2018)

Frontline resources
Published: August 2018

An introduction to trauma research for practitioners working with young people whose experiences (either earlier in their childhood and/or presently) may lead to complex traumatic responses across the lifespan. The briefing is comprised of four sections: What are the traumatic c

[PUBLICATIONS] Developing and leading trauma-informed practice: Leaders' Briefing (2018)

Leaders' Briefings
Published: August 2018

This briefing summarises evidence to inform the development of trauma-informed organisational and locality approaches. It includes sections on: Adverse childhood experiences. Trauma and its impact on children, young people and adults. Secondary trauma amongst the workforce. Comm

[BLOG] Helping children through the trauma of sexual abuse – evaluating therapeutic interventions

March 2016, Research in Practice Admin

John Carpenter and Tricia Jessiman (School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol), Simon Hackett (School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University) and Trish O’Donnell (Development Manager for sexual abuse, NSPCC) have co-written this article looking at the findings fro

[BLOG] Trauma-informed responses in relationship-based practice

June 2018, Research in Practice Admin

Danny Taggart I once worked with a young mum who had been referred to a mother and baby assessment unit. The unit was nicely decorated to make it family friendly and homely. As we sat together talking about her baby, I remembered that this mum had been in care. I asked her wha

[PUBLICATIONS] Developing trauma-informed practices in inner London schools - the iTIPS Pilot (2020)

Frontline resources
Published: February 2020

During 2017-8, five Islington primary schools, the pupil referral unit (PRU), local authority and NHS, working in partnership, implemented a pilot aiming to embed trauma-informed practice in schools. The pilot – termed iTIPS (Islington trauma-informed practices in schools)

[BLOG] The case for trauma-informed supervision for police officers

June 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Michael O’Connor and Dr Richard Grove For those of us fortunate enough to receive high quality, attuned and reflective supervision, we are aware of the link between this and our ability to provide consistent, emotionally regulated interventions. It enables us to hold genuine

[NEWS] New publications on trauma and transitional safeguarding

August 2018, Research in Practice Admin

 trauma and transitional safeguarding" src="assets/_userfiles/images/general/News%20images/resource_fan_image_RiP_Aug18%20final.jpg" alt="New publications on trauma and transitional safeguarding" width="500" height="305" />   Research in Practice (RiP) has released several n

[OTHER] Child development, attachment and the impact of trauma

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) The aims of this one-day workshop are: Enhance understanding of the cognitive, social and emotional development of children, and key developmental milestones through childhood and adolescence Understand the importance of positive

[OTHER] Trauma focused services: Partnership Conference

Learning Event : Partnership conferenceThe Studio Birmingham, Birmingham09:30 to 16:30 Wednesday, 15 March 2017 Overview and programme Experience of trauma can affect a child's physical and emotional development, their capacity to form secure attachments and overall wel

[OTHER] Trauma

Young people who have experienced trauma may present complex behaviour patterns. For professionals working in this area, listening carefully and using a relationship-based approach can support positive outcomes.  Publications Workshops Trauma-informed practice: Resear
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