RPU 223 October 2019

The month’s articles focus on strengths-based/trauma-informed practice.

RPU 222 September 2019

This month’s articles focus on responses to the criminal and sexual exploitation of children.

  • Vulnerability and the lived experience of child sexual exploitation
  • Relocating adolescents at risk
  • Child Criminal Exploitation in Glasgow and Merseyside

RPU 221 August 2019

The month’s articles focus on infants in child protection or care and their parents.

  • Video Interaction Guidance
  • Parent-infant relationships – preventing infant maltreatment
  • Pre-birth risk assessment – assessing capacity to change
  • Parenting after public care

RPU 220 July 2019

This month’s articles focus on working effectively with fathers in child protection social work.

RPU 218 May 2019

The articles this month focus on supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their caregivers.

  • Strategies to support social skills and play
  • How parents manage challenging behaviours
  • Lego Therapy in families
  • Protective factors against distress for caregivers

RPU 217 April 2019

The articles this month focus on leadership, humane practice and organisational culture.

  • Building social worker resilience
  • The team as a secure base
  • The evaluation of a leadership and management training programme
  • Practitioners and researchers


RPU 216 March 2019

The articles this month focus on transitions from child to adult services, and transitional safeguarding.

  • Innovative youth mental health service
  • Transition from child to adult mental health services across Europe
  • Contextual social work interventions for child sexual exploitation
  • Young people with ADHD: transition to adult services


RPU 215 February 2019

The articles this month focus on domestic abuse.

  • Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding Children
  • Domestic Violence, Social Work and Trust
  • Females perpetrating honour-based abuse
  • Restorative approaches to domestic violence