RPU 131 December 2011

Highlights include:

  • Internet Regulation
  • Community Budgets for Families with Multiple Problems: Select Committee Inquiry
  • 5 days in August: An interim report on the 2011 English riots
  • Inquiry into the Child Protection System: Publication of written evidence
  • The future of the Youth Justice Board
  • Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: DfE Action Plan

RPU 130 November 2011

Highlights include:

  • Family Justice Review (last entry under Consulatations, reports and Reviews)
  • A cross government report on ending Gang and Youth Violence including further evidence and good practice case studies
  • Guidance on Safeguarding Children Who may have been Trafficked
  • An evaluation of a Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC) pilot in England

RPU 129 October 2011

Highlights include:

  • Developing Employment Opportunities for Care Leavers
  • The Helping Families Programme
  • Common Inspection Framework
  • Auxillary Aids for Children with Disabilities
  • Behavioural Insights Team: Annual Update
  • Coping with the Cuts
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Pathfinders

RPU 128 September 2011

Highlights include:

  • Localising support for Council Tax in England
  • Changes to the Care to learn Scheme
  • Big Lottery Fund: Proposed Policy directions
  • Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Update and way forward
  • Inquiry: Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Social Impact Bond Pilots
  • A Summary of the Health Harms of Drugs
  • Seeking to engage 'Hard-To-Reach' Families

RPU 127 August 2011

Highlights include:

  • Core Purpose of Sure Start Children’s Centres
  • Arrangements for the Inspection of Local Authority Children’s Services
  • Open Public Services White Paper
  • Family Migration
  • Operation of the Family Courts
  • Supporting Families in the Foundation Years
  • The Family Drug & Alcohol Court (FDAC) Evaluation Project Final Report
  • Concurrent planning (2) ‘The rollercoaster of uncertainty’

RPU 126 July 2011

Highlights this month include:

  • Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill
  • Changes to the Schools Admissions Framework
  • Inspection of Fostering Services
  • Audit and Inspection of Local Authorities
  • Early Intervention, Smart Investment:
  • Letting Children Be Children

RPU 125 June 2011

Highlights this month include:

  • Producing and Using Video Data in the Early years
  • Care Planning and Review for Looked After Children
  • The Munro Review of Child Protection
  • Community Infrastructure Levy: An overview

RPU 124 May 2011

Highlights this month include:

  • School Funding Reform: Rationale and principles
  • NHS Listening Exercise
  • A New Approach to Child Poverty
  • Long-term Outcomes for Children with Early Language Problems: Beating the Odds
  • Social work Assessment of Children in Need: What do we know? Messages from research

RPU 123 April 2011

Highlights this month include:

  • Consultation on statutory duties on local government
  • Consultation on financial support for 16-19 year olds in education and training
  • Summary of the SEN green paper
  • Alcohol consumption and family life
  • Achieving successful outcomes through alternative educational provision
  • Housing support for young people leaving custody
  • Contact with family and friendship networks for children in placements

RPU 122 March 2011

Highlights this month includes:

  • Welfare Reform Bill
  • More Effective Responses to Antisocial Behaviour
  • Vetting and Barring Scheme Remodelling Review – Report and recommendations
  • The Youth Justice System in England and Wales: Reducing offending by young people
  • Safeguarding Children – Literature review

RPU 121 February 2011

Highlights this month includes

  • Early Intervention: The next steps.
  • The Munro Review of Child Protection. Interim report: The child’s journey
  • Behaviour and Discipline in Schools
  • Liberating the NHS: Developing the healthcare workforce
  • Thirty years of listening to children? 

RPU 120 January 2011

Highlights this month include

  • Healthy Lives, Healthy People
  • Building a Safe and Confident Future
  • Analysis of Responses to Inform Green Paper on SEN ­
  • Recognised, Valued and Supported: Next steps
  • The Foundation Years
  • Review Children's Commissioner
  • Liberating the NHS