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RPU 210 September 2018

The research articles this month explore exploitation and vulnerability, focusing on: child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking; radicalisation; and gang culture.

Any child or young person can be affected by CSE regardless of their background. However, certain groups are at increased risk of being sexually exploited. One example of this increased risk is children and young people with learning disabilities, which is the theme of the first article. It explores how professionals identify and support sexually exploited young people with learning disabilities. The second CSE article is an evaluation of Barnardo’s Safe Accommodation Project which is a ‘specialist foster care programme’ for young people who have been sexually exploited and/or trafficked.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, there has been an increased focus on preventing radicalisation and future terrorist activity. The third paper explores multi-agency practice for those at risk of radicalisation. It focuses on the Prevent Duty and proposes alternative approaches that can help bring about change in children and families.

The final paper considers the role of the internet in gang culture and activity in the UK. It explores the expressive and instrumental uses of ‘trap rap’ videos posted on YouTube as a means of gaining insight into gang-related activity, such as drug dealing through ‘working the country lines’.  

A key theme running through these papers is the risk of significant harm for children and young people from outside the family, and the need for professionals to understand, and responding to this.

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