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RPU 218 May 2019

The articles this month focus on supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their caregivers.

Many children with autism spectrum conditions (ASD) experience challenges in developing the social skills that are key to forming relationships with others. These social difficulties can pose particular challenges for families. Two articles this month outline strategies and interventions to support the development of social skills in children with ASD.

Barnett’s paper details three evidence-based strategies shown to be effective in improving the social skills of children with ASD including the use of scripts, video modelling and embedding choices. The second paper by Peckett, MacCallum and Knibbs explores the perspectives of five mothers on implementing a relationship-focused intervention using Lego Therapy at home (LeGoff, 2004). Both papers highlight how children with ASD can benefit from participation in play activities, particularly in terms of their social skills, however they need to be appropriately supported to do so.

The third article by Lindsey and Barry examines protective factors against distress in caregivers of children with ASD who present with externalising and internalising behaviours. The final paper by O’Nions et al presents strategies used by parents of children with ASD to manage problem behaviour based on a synthesis of available evidence. The findings from both papers highlight the importance of working with parents/carers and other professionals to address distress and reduce the burden on parents/carers in order to promote better outcomes for caregivers and children.

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