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RPU 223 October 2019

This month’s articles focus on examples of strengths-based and trauma-informed practice approaches which are designed to support effective engagement with the most vulnerable individuals and families.

Understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks of particular practice approaches to working with vulnerable individuals and families is important if responses are to be effective as well as genuinely strengths and relationship-based.

Two articles this month outline the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) approach to trauma-informed practice. The first article by Bateson and colleagues (2019) highlights the benefits and pitfalls of using an ACEs framework for trauma-informed practice and responses within policing. In the second article White and colleagues (2019) provide a critical analysis of the evidence underpinning policy and practice in relation to ACEs.

The final article by Williams and colleagues (2018) describes a mixed-methods evaluation of a restorative approaches training programme provided to voluntary sector family practitioners which aimed to improve engagement with vulnerable families.

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