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RPU 197 August 2017

The research articles this month explore child-to-parent violence (CPV).

CPV involves continual and cumulative abuse by children towards their parents/ caregivers. It can lead to distress and potentially harmful consequences, but remains under-reported.

Parents/caregivers experience a range of conflicting emotions as a consequence of CPV, as exemplified in the paper by Williams and colleagues. These conflicting emotions tend to be endured in private because of the stigma of CPV and the fear of being blamed for their child's behaviour. These findings are similar to those identified by Meakins and Selwyn in adoptive families where there had been a disruption, or where parenting an adopted child living at home was very challenging. The article by Miles and Condry reports that most parents do not want their abusive children to be prosecuted, but want long term help and support . They suggest that holistic support, with a focus upon the whole family, is likely to be the most effective way to achieve positive change. The final article by Ibabe and Bentler notes that positive family relationships are a protective factor for CPV.

All the papers note the importance of providing support when there is a high level of conflict in families to prevent this escalating into CPV.

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