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RPU 200 November 2017

The research articles this month explore intrafamilial abuse.

Intrafamilial abuse can take different forms, ranging from child sexual abuse (CSA) perpetrated by family members, to emotional and physical abuse by siblings. Research on CSA rarely distinguishes between intrafamilial and other forms of CSA. Thus, the research articles this month consider different forms of intrafamilial abuse, children and young people's experiences of CSA and the impact of CSA disclosure on victims' families.

The paper by Sharon Jackson and colleagues explores children's accounts of sexual abuse made to ChildLine Scotland. The study identifies children's concerns regarding the abuse and the strategies they used to cope with their experiences. The disclosure of CSA can also have a negative impact on non-offending caregivers and siblings, as exemplified in the papers by Fong and Schreier. The former highlights the emotional and psychological distress of parents/caregivers, while the latter focuses on siblings' responses to victims' disclosure of CSA. The final paper by Amy Meyers explores the varying manifestations and long-term consequences of emotional and physical sibling abuse.

These papers highlight the importance of addressing the emotional and psychological needs not only of victims of CSA, but also the non-offending family members. Another key message is the importance of recognising sibling abuse and being able to distinguish this from normal sibling rivalry.

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