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Research help

Research help

This section (for our Partners only) provides you with some essential guidance and links that will be helpful in undertaking or reviewing research.

Research tips

This section highlights some key considerations for engaging with and conducting effective research. It addresses a range of topics – from finding and appraising existing research through to managing the risks and limitations of your own research project. This provides a simple structured approach for beginners and a useful reference for more experienced researchers.

Research links

Here you will find a selected list of online research sources relevant to professionals in Children’s Services.

Recommended journals

A list of key academic journals publishing which publish research relevant for professionals in Children’s Services.

Research and evaluation tools and guides

We have a back catalogue of evaluation guides and tools co-developed as part of reason (the research, evaluation and analysis support network). You can purchase these publications online.

Additional support for Partners

As well as the tips, links and other resources mentioned in this section, Research in Practice offers Tailored Support with research and evaluation. Research in Practice Partners can use the two days Tailored Support included in their Partnership service to support research skills development or evaluation support.

Partners: for further information contact your Research in Practice Account Manager.

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