Working with recurrent care-experienced birth mothers: Resource Pack (2019)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: May 2019
Author: Mary Ryan

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Social workers, lawyers and judges have long been aware that some women return to court as respondents in care proceedings after having already experienced the removal of one or more children in previous proceedings. It is also recognised that a proportion of these women return to court on many occasions and lose multiple children to public care and adoption.

In 2017, a team at Lancaster University published the final report of a Nuffield-funded research study into Vulnerable Birth Mothers and Recurrent Care Proceedings (Broadhurst et al, 2017). The Lancaster team, Research in Practice and colleagues from the University of Essex wanted to collaborate to support the use of the research findings to inform more effective ways of working with this population. A Change Project provided an opportunity to work with a group of practice experts who were working to set up or improve support to parents (with a primary focus on mothers) in this situation.

This resource brings together material presented at the Change Project sessions with information, reflections and practice examples provided by those participating.

Designed for: Managers, commissioners and practitioners working in children’s social care, NHS Trusts, health services and third sector organisations.

Number of pages: 52

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