Reflective supervision: Resource Pack (2017)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: Apr 2017
Author: Ferdia Earle, Jo Fox, Caroline Webb and Susannah Bowyer

Good reflective supervision facilitates safe practice with children and families.

This package of resources provides a summary of research evidence on reflective supervision alongside learning from practice, and tools to use in one to one and group supervision sessions.

The tools have been designed to support:
• Contracting
• Running group supervision
• Audit
• Critical thinking and analysis
• Emotional resilience
• Recording

These resources are the outputs of a Research in Practice Change Project.

Aimed at: Staff with supervisory responsibilities across early help, targeted support and statutory services with children and families.

A short video of the Camden group supervision model in action

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  • Reflective supervision: Resource Pack
  • Tool 1: Exploring expectations in the supervisory relationship
  • Tool 2: Supervision contract discussion
  • Tool 3: Group supervision contract discussion
  • Tool 4: Supervision contract review
  • Tool 5: Preparation tool
  • Tool 6: Framing the dilemma
  • Tool 7: Reflective supervision audit tool
  • Tool 8: Systemic Reflective Space A model of group supervision
  • Tool 9: A model of group supervision used in Camden
  • Tool 10: Socratic questions
  • Tool 11: How to run a Journal Club
  • Tool 12: RiP Anchor Principles for reflective supervision
  • Tool 13: Wonnacott’s Discrepancy Matrix
  • Tool 14: De Bono’s decision-making hats
  • Tool 15: Questions for reflective case discussion based on the Professional Capabilities Framework
  • Tool 16: Munro’s decision tree
  • Tool 17: Maclean’s head, heart, hands and feet
  • Tool 18: Reflecting on challenging experiences
  • Tool 19: Supervisee anxiety scale
  • Tool 20: Seven learnable skills of resilience
  • Tool 21: Self-help audit plan
  • Tool 22: Wagnild and Young resilience scale
  • Tool 23: Emotional resilience postcard
  • Tool 24: Recording template
  • Tool 25: Recording template
  • Tool cover sheet
  • ALL Tools

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