Contact after adoption: Learning Resources (open access)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: Mar 2017
Author: Research in Practice

The type and frequency of contact a child has with their birth family needs careful consideration and planning, and should be determined by the needs and best interests of the child, both in the long and short term.

This open access website provides resources for practitioners in making evidence-informed post-adoption contact plans and supporting birth relatives and adopters through contact and planning for their child.

The resources cover:

Each section contains:

  • Research briefings and practical tools for training and working with families.
  • Exercises and case studies to consolidate learning.
  • Video and audio testimonies from children, birth and adoptive families on contact and support.

‘Contact: making good decisions for children in public law’, was a joint project between Research in Practice and the University of East Anglia which brought together practitioners from local authorities and national organisations to work with Professor Elsbeth Neil and independent social worker Polly Baynes to develop these resources.

Aimed at: Those involved in making, reviewing and supporting plans for post-adoption contact.

These learning resources are open access.

Go to the contact after adoption website.

Contact after adoption: Learning Resources (open access)


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