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Podcasts – Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are open access digital audio files that are available to download and access at the listener’s convenience. They can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile device, and are typically available as a series, with new episodes automatically downloading once a user has subscribed.

How much do Podcasts cost?

Our Podcasts are open access and available online, meaning they are accessible to everyone at no additional cost.

Where can I find the Podcasts?

Our Podcasts are available to stream directly from our website through our dedicated Podcast page. You can also find them on:

Apple PodcastsAcastBlubrrySoundcloudTuneInRSS.

What will I need to listen to Podcasts?

In order to listen to the Podcasts you will require a smartphone, tablet or computer that has access to the internet. You will also require a set of headphones or speakers to hear the audio. 

How can I access Podcasts?

Depending on the device you are using there are a range of options available:

  • Smartphone/tablet – The easiest way is to download a dedicated Podcast App to your device. You can find a range of applications for Apple, Android and Windows devices by searching online.

  • Computer – Podcasts are available to stream directly from our website. If you would like to download them a popular method is through iTunes, which has a dedicated Podcast section that allows you to transfer them to an iPod or MP3 player.

How do I find the latest episodes?

The latest Podcast episodes will be uploaded to our website on our dedicated Podcast page. If you are using a mobile device then you can subscribe to the Podcast and the latest episode will automatically download when it becomes available. 

We will also be sharing the latest Podcast news and episodes through our webpage, bulletins and social media accounts.

Why have we developed Podcasts?

The idea for creating the new Podcast resource was formulated following discussions at our Link Officers’ Annual Meeting. Our Partners expressed that one of the biggest barriers to professional development was time. They requested that we develop innovative and convenient ways of accessing the latest research and information. Podcasts were highlighted as a learning platform that would provide accessible and convenient information for users.

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