Court orders and pre-proceedings: Learning Resources

Court orders and pre-proceedings: Learning Resources (open access)Research in Practice has developed open access learning resources focusing on the reforms to UK family justice and the Family Court.

The open access resources are available on a dedicated website, and focus on the work social workers do with families, legal teams and in the Family Court. They are intended to support professionals to understand and implement changes in practice required to meet the statutory requirements under the Court Orders and Pre-Proceedings Guidance 2014.

Materials are structured around a child’s journey, from initial identification of safeguarding concerns, through pre-proceedings work, to the process of making an application to court.

Resources include:

  • Summaries of the statutory requirements, highlighting key issues for practice.
  • Videos in which social workers, young people, legal representatives, members or the judiciary, and policy leaders outline the context and content of the guidance.
  • Links to key resources from practice and research.
  • Tools for testing knowledge.

Aimed at: Social workers, Independent Reviewing Officers, local authority legal teams, key local authority partners.

These learning resources are open access.

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