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Build a culture where managed risk is accepted and understood as being inherent in every decision that is made. Encourage practitioners to make decisions and take subsequent actions in this context making sure they know they have the backing of the organisation to act reasonably and in a child’s best interests. Actively demonstrate trust in the workforce and develop a culture that promotes learning, reflection and the acceptance of accountability.  

Publicly acknowledge the enormity of separating a child from their parents. Participate and add rigour to decision-making about children coming into public care, returning home or to the wider family, or moving to new permanent families. Ensure that all long-term consequences of current decisions are properly explored and understood.

Make sound and complex decisions in high pressured, fast-paced conditions, striking a balance between speed and depth of thought. Draw on the best evidence to help inform thinking and decision-making.

The full Knowledge and Skills Statement for practice leaders can be viewed on the Department of Education website.


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