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Critically appraise theory, the best evidence and rationale for different practice approaches. Select robust methodologies to form an overarching practice framework. Identify the skills needed to practise within the complexity of children’s and families’ lives, and in particular the population being served by the organisation. Secure the resources and support needed to implement the practice framework and shape, in partnership with others, the current and future quality of practice through effective training and sustained professional development for all staff and throughout a practice career.

Recognise and utilise the resource that children, families and communities can bring to the development of staff and services.Recognise the value of excellent social workers remaining in frontline practice. Provide sufficient organisational, professional and personal support to ensure the wellbeing of practitioners so that they can provide excellent social work services to children and families. Identify and develop people with emerging leadership talent, and support retention through the provision of challenging, interesting and motivating opportunities.

The full Knowledge and Skills Statement for practice leaders can be viewed on the Department of Education website.


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