Designing a system to support effective practice

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Design with political and financial astuteness, and within a clear set of principles, a practice system that enables excellent child and family social work practice to flourish.Ably translate local and national policy into the organisational context, without compromising high quality professional practice. Prioritise budgets in order to meet demand and ensure quality of service provision. Confidently illustrate the relationship between efficiency, children’s outcomes and financial flexibility so that services can respond to changing need and risk.

Provide a safe, calm and well-ordered environment for all staff, ensuring that process is well considered, fit for purpose and efficient. Create sufficient capacity for practitioners to build relationships with children and families and undertake effective direct work with families, which enhances family wellbeing and reduces risks. Use resources, including those that lie within families and communities, to best effect and have mechanisms in place to ensure constant reflective thinking about the welfare of families and the safety of children. Build influential and productive relationships across the organisation and the wider local partnership, across regions and nationwide, to secure the very best support to families and the protection of children.

Establish communication channels that report on the welfare of children and families, and the safety of those at risk. Be alert to anxiety and pressures within the organisation, even at the earliest stages. Secure high quality legal, financial and human resource services for the organisation and ensure communication technology is fit for purpose. Challenge orthodoxies in the best interests of achieving excellence for children and families, and model entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to practice and leadership.

The full Knowledge and Skills Statement for practice leaders can be viewed on the Department of Education website.


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