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Establish and maintain a highly valued position of influence within the organisation, and be recognised for extensive knowledge and skill in the profession of child and family social work. Help shape and influence an environment which enables excellent practice by setting high standards and motivating others to do the same.Demonstrate optimistic behaviour, and build positive relationships with children and families and other professionals. Lead by example, showing int egrity, creativity, resilience and clarity   of purpose. Be visible and accessible to all staff, children and families.

Be accountable for ensuring the highest professional standards and professional conduct. Design and implement measures to assure the quality of practice and the effective throughput of work. Interrogate decisions, ensuring they are underpinned by theory and the best evidence and that they will contribute to the goals of the family and their social work plan, whilst ensuring that the safety of children remains the highest priority. Closely monitor the wellbeing of children in public care, ensuring that they grow up in homes in which they are happy and thriving, holding high ambitions for their futures.

The full Knowledge and Skills Statement for child and family practice supervisors can be viewed on the Department of Education website.


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