Confident analysis and decision-making

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Create a culture of focused thinking which consistently explores a wide range of contexts (including family and professional stories, the chronology of critical events, social and economic circumstances). Generate multiple hypotheses which make sense of the complexity in which children and families are living. Help practitioners to make decisions based on observations and analyses, taking account of the wishes and feelings of children and families. Ensure that practitioners are ambitious for children and families and that the long-term and life-long consequences of decisions are fully considered at all stages of planning and review, and in consultation with children and families. Build relevant relationships with children and families and professionals to test current hypotheses and dominant perspectives. Ensure that children and young people’s expectations are met where possible and any disappointment sensitively acknowledged and sufficiently addressed.

Establish recording processes, provide the full analysis underpinning decisions, making sure the rationale for why and how decisions have been made is comprehensive and well expressed.

The full Knowledge and Skills Statement for child and family practice supervisors can be viewed on the Department of Education website.


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