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Children first: disabled children and their families: Audio (2004)

Audio Series
Published: 2004
Author: Atherton C

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.

This audio recording considers the needs and wishes of disabled children and their families and the services provided for them in the context of changing national policy and frameworks.

It will be of interest to all those working with children and families or planning services for them in single or multi-disciplinary settings.

Product code: CH-AUD-008
Children first: disabled children and their families: Audio (2004)

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  • Setting the scene: Definitions
  • Setting the scene: 'Pushy parents'
  • Inclusion: Play
  • Inclusion: Participation
  • Inclusion: Education
  • Inclusion: Poverty
  • Co-ordination of services: Early intervention
  • Co-ordination of services: Diagnosis
  • Co-ordination of services: Key working
  • Co-ordination of services: Multi-disciplinary working
  • Transitions: Definitions and challenges
  • Issues for the future: Minority ethnic children
  • Issues for the future: Housing
  • Issues for the future: Families with more than one disabled child
  • The policy framework: The NSF and Every Child Matters
  • Conclusion: Final words
  • Transcript
  • Contributors and references

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