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Child protection: everybody's business

Audio Series
Published: 2003
Author: Atherton C

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.

This audio recording reviews the research evidence on child protection, considering definitions, what we know about the children we are most concerned to protect through professional service provision, and what research suggests about the strategic context. It reviews the front-line services that appear to be the most effective in preventing abuse or re-abuse.

Product code: CH-AUD-007
Child protection: everybody's business

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  • Setting the scene: Introduction
  • Setting the scene: Definitions
  • Setting the scene: Serious Case Reviews, prediction and 'false positives'
  • Setting the scene: Children's maltreatment
  • The strategic context: Partnership and multi-disciplinary working
  • The strategic context: Area Child Protection Committees
  • The strategic context: Supervision
  • The practice context: Assessment and analysis
  • Inclusion: Education
  • The practice context: Family support and child protection
  • The practice context: Some particular situations: adolescents, Black and Minority Ethnic children
  • The practice context: Family Group Conferences
  • The practice context: Interventions that work - some examples
  • Conclusion: Final words
  • Transcript
  • Contributors and references

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