Working Effectively to Address Child Sexual Exploitation: Evidence Scope (2017)

Evidence Scopes
Published: Oct 2017

Protecting children and young people from sexual exploitation is a challenging area of practice across all sectors, including health, education, the police and third sector organisations, as well as social care and social work.

This Evidence Scope aims to support local areas in the continual development of child sexual exploitation (CSE) services by reviewing and critically appraising relevant evidence. It brings together evidence that supports interventions and multi-agency and inter-professional approaches to working to improve outcomes for young people who may be affected by CSE.

The resource, produced by Research in Practice, was commissioned by Wigan and Rochdale councils as part of the Greater Manchester project on CSE, funded by the Department for Education Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme.

Please note. This resource was first published in September 2015 by Jan Webb and Dez Holmes. The Evidence Scope has been revised and republished in October 2017 by Jessica Eaton and Dez Holmes to reflect new evidence and practice wisdom.

Aimed at: All social care practitioners.

Number of pages: 100

This PDF download is an open access resource.