World Health Day 2018: ‘Universal health coverage – everyone, everywhere’

06 April 2018

World Health Day 2018World Health Day 2018 addresses the needs of people who require access to basic health care with the theme ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’ emphasising the message of ‘Health for All’.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is using World Health Day this year to call on world leaders to take action and make progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in every country. Achieving UHC would mean that everyone receives access to services without financial hardship and ensuring that the quality of practice is good enough to improve their health.   

According to statistics by WHO, at least half of the world’s population require help accessing essential health services. In poorer countries, almost 100 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty because they cannot afford treatment.

Research in Practice (RiP) understands the need for quality health and social care services. We strive to improve professional practice by promoting the use of evidence so that the best health and social care outcomes can be achieved for children, young people, their families and communities.

To celebrate World Health Day, RiP has highlighted a number of learning resources to support professional development in this area.

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