Vulnerable Birth Mothers and Recurrent Care Proceedings: Launch event

23 August 2017

Nuffield Foundation logoThe Centre for Child and Family Justice Research are launching the final report of their Nuffield Foundation funded study focusing on Vulnerable Birth Mothers and Recurrent Care Proceedings.

The study has examined care proceedings cases in the family courts relating to over 46,000 birth mothers, 7,143 of whom are linked to recurrent care proceedings, during 2007-2013. This was in response to an initial feasibility study, which identified a large proportion of mothers who have had successive children removed from their care and make exceptional demands on Children’s Services and family courts. The overarching aim of the study was to answer questions about what can be done to break this cycle.

In addition to the study, The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research has completed a case file review. This looked at 430 care proceeding cases to better understand their characteristics and history, as well as providing in-depth interviews with 50 birth mothers ‘in recovery’.

The final report will be launched at a one-day conference on the 4th October at Friends Meeting House, London. Experts in the field will consider the practice and policy implications of particular issues raised in the report, as well as discussing key findings.

Date: 4 October

Location: Friends Meeting House, London

Cost: Open access

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