Thinking about adolescent neglect – new report

10 April 2018

The Children's SocietyA new report by The Children’s Society includes recommendations on tackling adolescent neglect for professionals who work with families.

The national charity’s report, Thinking About Adolescent Neglect, aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of this issue among professionals. The report was commissioned by Luton Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) to carry out a review of the research about adolescent neglect. 

Another recent report by The Children’s Society, Troubled Teens, highlights how one in seven 14-15 year olds across the country are living with parents who neglect them in one or more ways.

Lack of emotional support, inadequate concern for wellbeing and lack of engagement in a child’s education are all different types of neglect and often, affected adolescents may exhibit signs of harmful or anti-social behaviour and poor health.

Read the Thinking About Adolescent Neglect report.

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