Research in Practice response to the launch of the What Works Centre

12 October 2017

The Minister of State for Children and Families today announced that Nesta has been awarded the contract to 'develop and test the model' for the What Works Centre for children's social care. Robert Goodwill made the announcement in a session at the National Children and Adult Services Conference 2017. He hopes to announce the research partner shortly.

The What Works Centre is part of a drive to support cross-sector knowledge sharing and common models of service design and delivery across child protection and wider children's social care.  

Responding to the launch of the Centre, Research in Practice Director, Dez Holmes, said: 

'We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our colleagues in the What Works Centre for children’s social care. We know the sector is committed to engaging with evidence and has a strong appetite for knowledge, as our membership network of over 100 Children’s Services organisations proves to us every day. This enthusiasm for learning will be a tremendous asset to the What Works Centre, and indeed there will be much learning from the sector as much as sharing research knowledge with the sector.

'This is a very significant investment from government, and comes at a time when resources are under pressure for both services and families. As such, we all have a duty to work together to make the most effective use of public money.

'We at Research in Practice will certainly do all we can to support the What Works Centre to be a success.'

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