Our year in review

01 April 2019

Research in Practice is delighted to launch its Annual Review, showcasing work across 2018-19.

The animated video presents the work we do to support evidence-informed practice with the national Partnership network and wider colleagues across the social care sector.

It details key topics, services and learning resources produced from April 2018 – March 2019, as well as bespoke projects and collaborations, including the large-scale Department for Education funded Practice Supervisor Development Programme.

Alongside the video is an online resource, providing links to related publications, webinars, workshops and additional learning materials, including Case Law and Legal Summaries, Research and Policy Updates, Podcasts, blogs and more.

View the resource.

Dez HolmesDez Holmes, Director of Research in Practice said:

‘This year has been a very busy one for us and our ever-growing network of Partners. It is a huge privilege to be working with more organisations in 2019 than ever before, and speaks volumes about the sector’s appetite for learning. Our Partners are not passive recipients of expert-led research; rather they want to actively engage with emerging evidence, to co-produce new knowledge, and to develop innovative practice. Our approach of bringing together research evidence, practice wisdom and the views and experience of children, families and carers, ensures our support to the sector is robust and relevant.’

‘The work our Partners do is increasingly complex, and we recognise that practice does not exist in a vacuum. This is why we support professionals at all levels – from practitioners to strategic leaders – across the multi-agency workforce. By promoting critical thinking, developing confidence in using evidence and ensuring decision-making is grounded in knowledge, we aim to enable a skilled and confident children and families workforce.’

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