New learning events, publications and resources

18 February 2019

New learning events, publications and resources

The new Delivery Programme details upcoming Research in Practice publications, resources, workshops, webinars, conferences and more over the next twelve months.

This year’s Delivery Programme focuses on five key themes, including:

  • Abuse and violence in the family context
  • Gangs and criminal exploitation
  • Humane and ethical supervision and leadership
  • Residential care
  • Pre-birth assessment; fabricated and induced illness; self-harm; harmful sexual behaviour; patterns of attachment; decision-making with siblings in care proceedings.

Each theme features learning resources and events tailored to different professional roles, learning methods and workforce needs. Individuals can begin requesting places at events and downloading/purchasing publications and resources as they are available.

The annual programme is developed in consultation with the national Research in Practice Partnership network in order to reflect the needs and priorities for the sector.

View the Delivery Programme 2019-20.

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