Framework for next round of Joint Targeted Area Inspections

05 September 2018

OfstedOfsted has announced that the next round of Joint Targeted Area Inspections (JTAIs) will focus on child sexual abuse in the family environment.

Inspectors will look at the following:

  • collection of evidence
  • support for victims of sexual abuse
  • children displaying harmful sexual behaviour
  • adult perpetrators of abuse
  • leadership and management of services
  • child experiences of receiving help.

The theme of each JTAI changes periodically and evaluates the experiences of children and young people at risk of a specific type of harm.

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Workshops and webinar

Places are available for our related workshops and webinar. Partners can request their place by logging into their Research in Practice account.  

Complex safeguarding: understanding and responding to different forms of exploitation of children and adults - Webinar

25 October, online: view details

What have we learnt from the practice, policy and research focus on child sexual exploitation and how can we apply this learning in responding to issues such as criminal exploitation, 'county lines', modern slavery and radicalisation? This webinar presents key messages on innovative multi-agency approaches to complex safeguarding.

Aimed at: Strategic and practice leads, service managers, heads of service, team managers in children's and youth services and specialist services focused on exploitation.

Understanding complex safeguarding and responding to different forms of exploitation: Research Messages Workshop

15 November, Preston: view details

28 November, Peterborough: view details

What lessons have we learnt from responding to child sexual exploitation and how can we apply these in our response to criminal exploitation, modern slavery and radicalisation? Exploring what complex safeguarding is, this workshop is for strategic leads, service managers, team managers and practice leads. It examines multi-agency approaches to various forms of exploitation, what challenges exist within our current processes and how we can design a more effective and cohesive response for children and families.

Aimed at: Strategic leads, service managers/heads of service, team managers and practice leads.

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