Contact after adoption resources updated

21 January 2019

Contact after adoptionResearch in Practice has updated the open access resources to support practitioners making plans for contact after adoption or working with relatives, children and adopters to initiate and maintain planned contact. 

The resources can be used in the training and supervision of social workers and contact supervisors as well as in training adopters.

The materials bring together knowledge from research and practice, drawing on studies from Professor Beth Neil at the University of East Anglia and the Centre for Research on Children & Families. The project involved working with practitioners across England to share expertise and produce accessible and practical resources for professionals involved in this work.

Updated topics include:

  • Planning contact for a child;
  • Starting and maintaining contact;
  • Making plans and supporting contact with siblings.

Each topic contains a mixture of research briefings, practice guides, presentations, exercises and practical tools for working with families both during proceedings and once the child is placed.

Access the resources (open access).

Building and maintaining relationships between siblings: Blog

Elsbeth NeilBeth Neil

Establishing sibling contact following adoption is not without challenge, but if maintained, can help a child make sense of their identity and be rewarding for their family. In this blog, Beth Neil introduces resources to support practitioners who are deciding about, and supporting contact after adoption.

Read the blog.

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