Assessing organisational resilience and wellbeing

22 October 2019

Assessing organisational resilience and wellbeing

A new online tool aims to assess the extent that organisational factors and conditions support the wellbeing of staff. It includes a diagnostic survey and workbook that will provide targeted tasks and strategies to support organisational improvements and to promote best social work practice.

Developed by Research in Practice and Dr Louise Grant and Professor Gail Kinman from the University of Bedfordshire, the Social Work Organisational Resilience Diagnostic aims to assess the extent in which organisational factors and conditions support the wellbeing of staff.

Coproduced with partners from across the children’s social care sector, the project is underpinned by Louise and Gail’s ten years of research into the wellbeing of social workers at an individual, team and organisational level.

To launch the workbook, we are inviting Principal Social Workers, Heads of Service, managers and leaders from across the sector to join us on the 5 December at the University of Bedfordshire Postgraduate Centre. The session will also be of interest to individuals working in practice development and those with supervision responsibilities. Academics and students will also be in attendance.

During the session you will hear how the new workbook was developed, how it can be used to address some of the key challenges you may be facing in the sector and how it can support building resilience within your own organisation.

As part of the event, your organisation will also be formally invited to participate in the pilot run for the diagnostic tool. This will include engaging staff to take part in the survey, which will highlight priority areas for improvement. Leaders, managers and Principal Social Workers will then be able to pilot the relevant workbook materials and activities to support improvements in those priority areas for a six month period, after which, the survey will be re-administered to see if progress has been made.

Find out and more and register to attend.

If you are unable to attend the event and would like to be involved in the pilot run of the diagnostic tool, or would like further information about the project, contact

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