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How can we foster positive outcomes for children and young people in care, and what can we learn from ‘success’ stories?

30 October 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Care experienced people may be dealing with the legacy of pre-care experiences, missed schooling, placement changes and other disruptions. But low expectations, in policy and in practice, can add stigma to the challenges that care experienced people face in education, whether in school or beyond.

Transitional safeguarding – bridging the gap between Children’s and Adults’ Services

14 October 2019, Research in Practice Admin

When someone turns 18 they legally become an adult. Most young people will manage this move to adulthood well, receiving support from their family, friends and communities. However, this transition is a process, not an event, and not all young people have support readily available.

Improving sleep in vulnerable children

19 February 2019, Research in Practice Admin

There is increasing research into the importance of sleep. In particular, how a lack of sleep can result in behavioural difficulties and impact emotional wellbeing. However, in busy Children’s Services do we always spot a sleep issue? Services often respond to what they perceive to be the primary concern and hope that sleep will improve as a result.

Safeguarding children – the role of the Independent Visitor

15 January 2019, Research in Practice Admin

When you were a child, did you have anyone outside of your family setting who you could turn to if things were difficult or you just needed someone new to talk to? Croydon Council discuss the role and value of the Independent Visitor.

Supporting young parents; another approach

Just for Kids Law has developed a unique model of advocacy provision that works to holistically support a young person, so that they are equipped to engage with all the agencies they are working with.

21st century social work with children and young people with disabilities

Helen Wheatley, editor of the latest Research in Practice Evidence Review, details learning on social work practice, research and emerging findings regarding the support available to disabled children, young people and their families.

Food in care

Food is at the very heart of all aspects of care. In this blog Magdalena Przybylka discusses the importance of food being recognised as safeguarding issue in children’s care sector.

Transitions in children’s lives – a young person’s perspective

5 February 2018, Research in Practice Admin

Transitioning is a natural and normal part of growth and development for all of us. However, for children and young people in care, they have the added pressure of accessing services and expectations to be able to adapt to change and prepare for their future more readily than children and young people living with their families.

How do multiple disadvantages affect children’s quality of life?

6 September 2017, Research in Practice Admin

The latest Good Childhood Report from the Children’s Society presents new insights into how multiple disadvantages affect wellbeing in children and young people. It also exposes gender differences in children’s subjective wellbeing in areas such as happiness with appearance or relationships with friends, and considers some of the possible reasons for these.

Supporting transitions for young people leaving care

The ability to vote, live independently and travel freely when reaching 18 can give us a sense empowerment and control. But the journey from adolescence to adulthood can be unsettling, uncertain and familiar, particularly for young people leaving care.

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