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Reflections from the Practice Supervisor Development Programme

3 December 2018, Research in Practice Admin

Up to 700 newly-appointed Practice Supervisors will be participating in the Department for Education funded Practice Supervisor Development Programme. In this blog Suzi Rockett, Social Work Practice Development Manager in Barnsley Council, discusses her experience in the programme pilot.

Showing our workings out – an update on the PSDP so far

24 October 2018, Research in Practice Admin

As the first stage of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme begins, Dez Holmes shares our journey so far and emerging messages from multiple sources of knowledge.

Professional dialogue between Ofsted and practice leaders in children, young people and family services

In this blog, Research in Practice share professional dialogue from representatives across children, young people and family services, including views on permanence, planning, supervision and how best to articulate what needs to improve.

Reflections on working in a social work teaching partnership

11 September 2018, Research in Practice Admin

A principal aim of social work teaching partnerships is to improve the quality of teaching on pre and post-qualifying social work training programmes. This blog reflects upon the experiences of a social work teaching partnership from the perspectives of an academic and a practitioner.

Supporting transgender children and young people

The last five years or so has seen unprecedented visibility for transgender/non-binary people across the UK and indeed the globe. In this blog, Aedan Wolton discusses the role of social work in the lives of young transgender people.

Effective strategic partnerships with the voluntary sector: messages from research and practice

In the face of rising demand and shrinking resources, local authorities are looking for new ways of delivering services for children and families. As a result, new types of delivery and relationships between the public and voluntary sectors are emerging.

Leading and implementing change in uncertain times

11 December 2017, Research in Practice Admin

Central Bedfordshire Council Children’s Services are leading an ambitious transformation programme. In this blog, the Director of Children’s Services highlights the importance of building a resilient workforce when implementing change in a complex landscape.

Supporting evidence-informed practice in Cafcass: the importance of an in-house library and information service

4 December 2017, Research in Practice Admin

In this blog Jo Wood, Link Officer at Cafcass and Link Officer Award winner, discusses supporting evidence-informed practice and embedding Research in Practice into their service.

Improving social work practice with Gypsy and Traveller communities

Every year the number of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children placed in care rises. It is becoming increasingly important to examine how professionals within Children’s Services interact with these communities and how this can affect the support offered to children and their families.

Does Team-Based Learning improve training transfer?

Following a two-year project to examine the relative merits of traditional training versus Team-Based Learning, Research in Practice reviews the evaluation results of how well Team-Based Learning really works, and asks whether ‘no evidence is good evidence’.

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