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Free writing a reflective assignment

Explore the benefits of free writing a reflective assignment on the Practice Supervisor Development Programme (or making and digesting an egg sandwich).

Innovative learning

22 October 2018, Research in Practice Admin

In this post, Dyfrig Williams, Learning Events Coordinator at Research in Practice, shares approaches to innovation in learning and invites Partners to submit ideas around how we might improve our service.

Professional dialogue between Ofsted and practice leaders in children, young people and family services

In this blog, Research in Practice share professional dialogue from representatives across children, young people and family services, including views on permanence, planning, supervision and how best to articulate what needs to improve.

Supporting transgender children and young people

The last five years or so has seen unprecedented visibility for transgender/non-binary people across the UK and indeed the globe. In this blog, Aedan Wolton discusses the role of social work in the lives of young transgender people.

Transitional safeguarding from adolescence to adulthood

‘Transition’ is a process or period of changing from one state to another. Within some aspects of social care, in particular safeguarding, the notion of transition can imply a definitive ‘line in the sand’ where assumptions about capacity change overnight and eligibility for safeguarding support is very different depending which side of this line a person falls.

Supporting transitions for young people leaving care

The ability to vote, live independently and travel freely when reaching 18 can give us a sense empowerment and control. But the journey from adolescence to adulthood can be unsettling, uncertain and familiar, particularly for young people leaving care.

Improving social work practice with Gypsy and Traveller communities

Every year the number of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children placed in care rises. It is becoming increasingly important to examine how professionals within Children’s Services interact with these communities and how this can affect the support offered to children and their families.

Involving young people in responding to CSE

4 January 2017, Research in Practice

Involving young people in decision-making processes when responding to CSE is crucial. Yet what feels right in principle can be harder in practice. As a sector, we need to move away from working to avoid risk, towards an approach where risks are properly and realistically managed. Participatory working practices can enable this, and can also have considerable benefits for young people in shifting the balance of power to support their own protective potential.

Analysis and critical thinking in assessment – using RiP resources to support staff development and young-person centred practice

20 October 2016, Research in Practice

Delphine Girma discusses how The Children’s Society has been using the Research in Practice resource, Analysis and Critical Thinking in Assessment, as part of their recent development training for practice staff.

People and place: How local delivery context can affect replication

19 September 2016, Research in Practice

Successfully replicating a youth offending intervention takes more than just a strong service. It requires a strong organisation, with the right people, in the right environment.

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