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Working with young people and gangs – making a difference in practice

10 February 2020, Research in Practice Admin

Knife crime and serious youth violence is increasing and an ever-changing web of criminal exploitation, including county lines, is increasingly being recognised across the country. Jayne Sargeant highlights the importance of practitioners being able to look at motivating factors for working in this arena.

Bridging direct practice and strategic management – new open access resources to support practice supervisors

30 January 2020, Research in Practice Admin

In November last year we launched open access resources aimed at supporting practice supervisors in key aspects of their role. We have now released the second stage of material, including two new kinds of resources.

A model for exploring resilience

21 January 2020, Research in Practice Admin

Emotional resilience is being able to maintain personal and professional wellbeing, having capacity to respond to life challenges positively and flexibly, and adjust to change effectively.

What a difference a year makes! Reflections from PSDP pilot participants

It is just over a year since the Practice Supervisor Development Programme pilot launch in London, where 16 enthusiastic practice supervisors from across England, came together to be the first participants to experience the programme. Hear more about how the programme has improved their confidence and validated some of their existing skills.

Place-based approaches to preventing child abuse and neglect

16 December 2019, Research in Practice Admin

How has collective learning helped develop Together for Childhood, a place-based approach to preventing child abuse and neglect?

The Good Childhood Report: Time trends and gender patterns

10 December 2019, Research in Practice Admin

We know that children’s happiness with their lives has fallen and that we must take action to try to address this. We should prioritise children’s own views of what makes a good childhood and how they see their lives. In this blog, Louise Moore introduces findings from the 2019 Good Childhood Report.

Identifying Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in practice with families

3 December 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Everyone working with children and families should be aware of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders so that we can consider it at the earliest possible opportunity when making assessments. We can then ensure that we provide the right strategies and do not embark on alternative treatment routes, which may be time-consuming or even potentially harmful.

New ways of working at Cheshire West and Chester

28 November 2019, Research in Practice Admin

West Cheshire Children’s Trust has a pioneering vision for working with children and families across the multi-agency partnership. At the heart of this vision is a strong preventative focus at all levels to prevent children and young people becoming more vulnerable and their needs escalating.

Transitioning from practitioner to practice supervisor

21 November 2019, Research in Practice Admin

So often the narrative about child and family social work can be negative and it is true that conversations frequently reflect the many challenges practice supervisors face. However, this not the whole story. Practice supervisors play an important role in supporting supervisees to become emotionally resilient practitioners and ensuring that social workers provide an excellent service to children and families.

Understanding and developing resilience: an organisational opportunity

18 November 2019, Research in Practice Admin

‘Resilience’ is often cited as a key feature that individual social workers require to protect their wellbeing and emotional health. However, to what extent does the development and maintenance of resilience lie with individual workers?

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