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Restorative justice with young people

12 November 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Supporting adolescents who have got caught on the wrong side of the law to voluntarily engage in community projects can serve as a way for them to make amends. It can also enable them to see the value in being an asset to their community, while additionally picking up new skills.

Child welfare inequalities

4 November 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Calum Webb introduces a new interactive application that aims to help local authorities engage with research about inequalities in child welfare.

How can we foster positive outcomes for children and young people in care, and what can we learn from ‘success’ stories?

30 October 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Care experienced people may be dealing with the legacy of pre-care experiences, missed schooling, placement changes and other disruptions. But low expectations, in policy and in practice, can add stigma to the challenges that care experienced people face in education, whether in school or beyond.

Tackling child exploitation: learning together and doing differently

29 October 2019, Research in Practice Admin

After several months of reviewing evidence and consulting with the sector, we are delighted to be inviting applications from local areas looking for Bespoke Support in tackling child exploitation. We know we need to do things differently. Not only are we aiming to support system change at a local level, but also that we are part of the systems that we are trying influence.

Transitional safeguarding – bridging the gap between Children’s and Adults’ Services

14 October 2019, Research in Practice Admin

When someone turns 18 they legally become an adult. Most young people will manage this move to adulthood well, receiving support from their family, friends and communities. However, this transition is a process, not an event, and not all young people have support readily available.

Working with brothers and sisters in public law proceedings

For professionals involved in public law proceedings, making decisions that will separate brothers and sisters is an unavoidable fact of working life, however, it would be wrong to assume the verdicts are made lightly. This blog introduces some of the key issues raised by a research study of child brothers and sisters, contact and the law.

Free writing a reflective assignment

Explore the benefits of free writing a reflective assignment on the Practice Supervisor Development Programme (or making and digesting an egg sandwich).

How can we support children and young people who self-harm?

18 September 2019, Research in Practice Admin

What is meant by self-harm, what are the signs and risk factors associated with it, and how can we respond to and support children, young people and their families?

Embedding evidence-informed practice in Devon County Council

2 September 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Verity Sutcliffe has been a Research in Practice Link Officer at Devon County Council since 2014. In this blog, she outlines some of the benefits, and challenges associated with the role, and provides some advice for those who are new to the position.

Making the most of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme

In order to embed their learning and to continue developing their skills after the Practice Supervisor Development Programme, supervisors need support and encouragement from their organisations.

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