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Safeguarding children – the role of the Independent Visitor

15 January 2019, Research in Practice Admin

When you were a child, did you have anyone outside of your family setting who you could turn to if things were difficult or you just needed someone new to talk to? Croydon Council discuss the role and value of the Independent Visitor.

Preparing young people with special educational needs and disabilities for a good adult life

Differing legal frameworks governing Children’s and Adults’ Services, combined with the range of services involved in supporting young people in transition, can create challenges for practitioners in providing joined-up support for young people.

Evidence-informed communication

11 December 2018, Research in Practice Admin

Good communication is not just about clear verbal or written articulation; it’s a combination of skills that includes listening, understanding and sharing information.

Reflections from the Practice Supervisor Development Programme

3 December 2018, Research in Practice Admin

Up to 700 newly-appointed Practice Supervisors will be participating in the Department for Education funded Practice Supervisor Development Programme. In this blog Suzi Rockett, Social Work Practice Development Manager in Barnsley Council, discusses her experience in the programme pilot.

Building upon evidence-informed practice in Devon County Council

20 November 2018, Research in Practice Admin

In this blog our Link Officer of the Year, Verity Sutcliffe, shares how usage statistics and an evidence-informed approach helped to promote and embed Research in Practice resources within Devon County Council.

The Good Childhood Report: Does gender affect happiness?

12 November 2018, Research in Practice Admin

The Children's Society recently published the 2018 edition of the Good Childhood Report. In this blog, Senior Researcher Larissa Pople outlines the latest statistics from the report which offers new insights into how gender can affect a child's wellbeing.

Showing our workings out – an update on the PSDP so far

24 October 2018, Research in Practice Admin

As the first stage of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme begins, Dez Holmes shares our journey so far and emerging messages from multiple sources of knowledge.

Innovative learning

22 October 2018, Research in Practice Admin

In this post, Dyfrig Williams, Learning Events Coordinator at Research in Practice, shares approaches to innovation in learning and invites Partners to submit ideas around how we might improve our service.

Professional dialogue between Ofsted and practice leaders in children, young people and family services

In this blog, Research in Practice share professional dialogue from representatives across children, young people and family services, including views on permanence, planning, supervision and how best to articulate what needs to improve.

Restorative Storytelling

Restorative practices can provide an explicit communication framework that can be used reactively to guide and support people when relationships have broken down, and proactively to teach others the skills that will help them build and maintain healthy relationships.

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