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Defragmenting the children and young people’s mental health system

Children and young people’s mental health is increasingly being reported in the media, highlighting the need to provide essential support. In this blog Paula Lewis, author of our recent Strategic Briefing, considers the role of commissioners in transforming the children and young people’s mental health system.

Cafcass resources to support continuing professional development

Location should not be a barrier to accessing learning resources. The nature of Cafcass’ work means that their Library Information Service comprehensively covers both public and private law, as well as resources to support the continuing professional development of staff across an organisation.

Supervision to safeguard children in education

Successful supervision encourages professional curiosity and development, offering a formal platform for supportive discussions to take place. In this blog, Penny Sturt and Jo Rowe introduce findings from a pilot scheme which used supervision to support staff who safeguard children in schools.

Leading strengths-based practice frameworks

Strengths-based practice is an increasingly popular approach to social work and wider support services for children and families. In this blog author of our recent Strategic Briefing on this topic, Rebecca Godar highlights practical applications leaders and managers should consider in order to develop their organisational culture.

An evolving approach to developing services for children and families

In this blog the NSPCC share their approach to developing services, including a six-stage development cycle from initial concept, through to testing and evaluation of new services in our UK-wide service centres.

How we’re learning from and developing our child sexual exploitation intervention

The understanding and evidence base in relation to child sexual exploitation has grown significantly, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The NSPCC share their revised service, providing a framework for practice when working with exploitation.

Be more penguin

Experiences of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme suggest that it is having a significant impact on how the participants are finding their feet and developing more secure footings in their new roles. In this blog, Gillian Ruch provides a facilitator's perspective of the programme so far.

Critically reflective practice

Making good judgements with and for people is the essence of social care. Time to reflect, time to think, time to use wisdom and expertise, time to consult with colleagues, time to look at research is not a luxury.

The power of nudges: techniques you can use to prompt behaviour change

Sam Kyriacou, Implementation Manager at the NSPCC, shares her tips for embedding new programmes, tools and ways of working.

Poverty, inequality and neglect: building strategic thinking

Ground-breaking research led by Professor Paul Bywaters is providing clear evidence of systemic inequities - in the scale of funding cuts to Children's Services, in child protection intervention rates and the relationship between poverty, inequality and child neglect. Here, Brid Featherstone and Kate Morris reflect on headline messages from research and Research in Practice workshops.

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