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Be more penguin

Experiences of the Practice Supervisor Development Programme suggest that it is having a significant impact on how the participants are finding their feet and developing more secure footings in their new roles. In this blog, Gillian Ruch provides a facilitator's perspective of the programme so far.

Critically reflective practice

Making good judgements with and for people is the essence of social care. Time to reflect, time to think, time to use wisdom and expertise, time to consult with colleagues, time to look at research is not a luxury.

The power of nudges: techniques you can use to prompt behaviour change

Sam Kyriacou, Implementation Manager at the NSPCC, shares her tips for embedding new programmes, tools and ways of working.

Poverty, inequality and neglect: building strategic thinking

Ground-breaking research led by Professor Paul Bywaters is providing clear evidence of systemic inequities - in the scale of funding cuts to Children's Services, in child protection intervention rates and the relationship between poverty, inequality and child neglect. Here, Brid Featherstone and Kate Morris reflect on headline messages from research and Research in Practice workshops.

The Camden model of social work

25 February 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Camden Children’s Services, together with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, is working to develop and embed a systemic model of social work. Read about the programme, including impact and tips to support whole system change.

Improving sleep in vulnerable children

19 February 2019, Research in Practice Admin

There is increasing research into the importance of sleep. In particular, how a lack of sleep can result in behavioural difficulties and impact emotional wellbeing. However, in busy Children’s Services do we always spot a sleep issue? Services often respond to what they perceive to be the primary concern and hope that sleep will improve as a result.

What is it about the care system that correlates with criminality?

11 February 2019, Research in Practice Admin

What are the difficulties faced by people in prison who have been in care? Oli Preston looks at emerging programmes of work that are aiming to support this often overlooked group.

Reflective one-to-one development sessions

4 February 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Up to 700 newly-appointed Practice Supervisors will be participating in the Department for Education funded Practice Supervisor Development Programme. In this blog, Lisa Thornton focuses on the reflective one-to-one development sessions that were offered as a follow up from the programme.

Stop the clock

28 January 2019, Research in Practice Admin

How can we prevent young carers undertaking inappropriate or excessive care? What are the challenges, evidence and actions needed to ensure we are not relying upon children and young people to provide care? Sara Gowen from Sheffield Young Carers shares their work.

Building and maintaining relationships between siblings

21 January 2019, Research in Practice Admin

Establishing sibling contact following adoption is not without challenge, but if maintained, can help a child make sense of their identity and be rewarding for their family. In this blog, Beth Neil introduces resources to support practitioners who are deciding about, and supporting contact after adoption.

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