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Workforce perspectives on harmful sexual behaviour – what are practitioners saying?

How do professionals describe their knowledge, skills and experience in relation to supporting children and young people with Harmful Sexual Behaviour? What are the challenges and what works well to build capacity in this field of work?

Improving engagement with fathers in Newport

Newport has been working to evaluate and improve the way they engage and include fathers in work with children and families. Paul Cryer discusses their initial audit and findings, the steps they have taken to promote and embed engagement with fathers, and helpful tips for practice.

Supporting transitions for young people leaving care

The ability to vote, live independently and travel freely when reaching 18 can give us a sense empowerment and control. But the journey from adolescence to adulthood can be unsettling, uncertain and familiar, particularly for young people leaving care.

When and how can contact work? Questions to consider about contact after adoption

When is contact after adoption right, what sort of contact might work, and how can we support it in practice? What are the benefits of thinking individually about each child’s needs and tailoring the contact planning for the child and adults involved?

Improving social work practice with Gypsy and Traveller communities

Every year the number of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children placed in care rises. It is becoming increasingly important to examine how professionals within Children’s Services interact with these communities and how this can affect the support offered to children and their families.

Does Team-Based Learning improve training transfer?

Following a two-year project to examine the relative merits of traditional training versus Team-Based Learning, Research in Practice reviews the evaluation results of how well Team-Based Learning really works, and asks whether ‘no evidence is good evidence’.

The power of group peer support and relationships for young people in and leaving care

Carefree Cornwall is a young person led organisation working in Cornwall with young people in and leaving care. Their focus is on giving young people in and leaving care the chance to do things for themselves and others.

Reflective supervision: the cornerstone of good social work practice

Reflective supervision underpins good practice with children and families. Like other children’s social care and family support roles, social work is a demanding and challenging job – in order for us to really understand the context of the child's daily lived experience we need to think about many complex and competing issues. Good quality reflective supervision supports us to do this, helping us to find a way through any 'analysis paralysis' to develop our practice knowledge, skills and wisdom; make difficult decisions and ultimately keep children safe.

Values-driven reform

In the face of the serious challenges, many local authorities, their partners and service providers are thinking about how they can work differently to make the most of reduced resources. While innovation and service redesign have always been a feature of the children’s sector, these difficult times have led more and more children’s leaders to try new approaches to service design and ways of working.

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