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Is there still a role for the voluntary sector in addressing child sexual exploitation?

Specialist voluntary sector workers have historically played a key part in local responses to child sexual exploitation. New research shows that their success at engaging young people rests on their independence, which allows them to work in flexible ways that emphasise young people’s choice.

Caring Dads in Leeds

Caring Dads aim to help men make positive changes to their parenting. Their courses change controlling, abusive and neglectful behaviour to improve relationships between fathers and their children, creating safer and happier families.

Supporting children who live with parental mental illness

An NSPCC programme aims to address identified gaps in service provision and to support children living with parental mental illness.

Safeguarding adolescents in Waltham Forest

The service response to vulnerable adolescents had always appeared to us to be full of contradictions and paradoxes, but it was the findings of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham that acted as a trigger for Waltham Forest to fundamentally review and change its approach to safeguarding adolescents. This blog outlines the challenge for the system and how Waltham Forest drove improvements with the support of a framework provided by Research in Practice.

Young parents

20 February 2018, Research in Practice Admin

The UK continues to have the highest teenage birth rate in Western Europe with many teenage parents struggling with education, money and housing. An Action for Children research project sought to discover the challenges parents face and how they can be supported to meet these.

Transitions in children’s lives – a young person’s perspective

5 February 2018, Research in Practice Admin

Transitioning is a natural and normal part of growth and development for all of us. However, for children and young people in care, they have the added pressure of accessing services and expectations to be able to adapt to change and prepare for their future more readily than children and young people living with their families.

The Emotional Health Academy in West Berkshire

22 January 2018, Research in Practice Admin

West Berkshire Council have used a restorative practice approach to transform early intervention emotional health services for children. In this blog, Andrea King discusses their journey to implement the Emotional Health Academy.

Deprivation of liberty in relation to children and young people

A child or young person cannot be deprived of their liberty unless it is justified and lawfully authorised. Caroline Bennett, author of the latest Research in Practice Strategic Briefing, discusses the area of decision-making and mental capacity for children and young people.

Leading and implementing change in uncertain times

11 December 2017, Research in Practice Admin

Central Bedfordshire Council Children’s Services are leading an ambitious transformation programme. In this blog, the Director of Children’s Services highlights the importance of building a resilient workforce when implementing change in a complex landscape.

Supporting evidence-informed practice in Cafcass: the importance of an in-house library and information service

4 December 2017, Research in Practice Admin

In this blog Jo Wood, Link Officer at Cafcass and Link Officer Award winner, discusses supporting evidence-informed practice and embedding Research in Practice into their service.

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