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Growing interest and emerging evidence – how and why adolescent neglect is climbing the safeguarding agenda

In this blog, Phil Raws from The Children’s Society discusses how and why adolescent neglect is climbing the safeguarding agenda due to a range of emerging evidence.

Effective strategic partnerships with the voluntary sector: messages from research and practice

In the face of rising demand and shrinking resources, local authorities are looking for new ways of delivering services for children and families. As a result, new types of delivery and relationships between the public and voluntary sectors are emerging.

Beyond Referrals: supporting schools to address harmful sexual behaviour

In this blog, the International Centre for researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking at the University of Bedfordshire introduce a toolkit to support schools to address harmful sexual behaviour.

Noisy Narratives

For children who have experienced abuse or trauma, it may feel almost impossible to talk about experiences in neatly packaged sentences. Instead, the vehicle of music, with its potential to express every shade of emotion from euphoria to melancholy, provides far more scope for children to explore who they are, where they’ve been and who they would like to become.

Trauma-informed responses in relationship-based practice

For professionals working in a trauma-informed way, the most important service that can be provided can be listening to young people carefully, helping them recognise how past experiences influence their ways of relating to the world today and offering a trustworthy relationship where they can try to build a safer life for themselves.

Barriers to evaluation

Applying reliable research methods to complex social interventions comes with many challenges that evaluators need to consider. In this blog, Oli Preston, discusses some of the barriers to evaluation.

Supporting young parents; another approach

Just for Kids Law has developed a unique model of advocacy provision that works to holistically support a young person, so that they are equipped to engage with all the agencies they are working with.

21st century social work with children and young people with disabilities

Helen Wheatley, editor of the latest Research in Practice Evidence Review, details learning on social work practice, research and emerging findings regarding the support available to disabled children, young people and their families.

Food in care

Food is at the very heart of all aspects of care. In this blog Magdalena Przybylka discusses the importance of food being recognised as safeguarding issue in children’s care sector.

What is the future role of the voluntary sector in addressing child sexual exploitation?

Specialist voluntary sector workers have historically played a key part in local responses to child sexual exploitation. New research shows that their success at engaging young people rests on their independence, which allows them to work in flexible ways that emphasise young people’s choice.

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