What is an accessible website?

An accessible site is one that accommodates the full range of users. Designing for accessibility therefore means accepting that, for online information, there is:

  • no standard information user, and,
  • no standard device for browsing information

An accessible web site does not exclude anybody owing to:

  • their abilities, or
  • the method they choose to access the web

Accessible websites prioritise clear content, structure and ease of navigation over decorative aspects of design. that does not mean they have to be purely functional or visually unattractive, nor are they prevented from using the latest web technologies, provided that all information is still accessible to users.

As well as being able to change fonts and colours, we believe you should be able to access this site’s information with assistive technology, like JAWS (Job Access With Speech), NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), ZoomText, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. It should also be usable with screen magnifiers and your operating system’s speech recognition software, such as Window's Narrator.

Our website is a work in progress and development should  always consider accessibility and usability. As such, we are always grateful for your feedback on how accessible our site is for you, so that we can keep improving it. Please email your feedback to ask@rip.org.uk.


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