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Our year in review

Our animated video presents the work we do to support evidence-informed practice with our Partnership network and wider colleagues across the social care sector.

It details key topics, services and learning resources we have produced from April 2018 – March 2019, as well as bespoke projects and collaborations, including the large-scale Department for Education funded Practice Supervisor Development Programme.

Key topics

The Delivery Programme for 2018-19 focused on a number of different themes, selected in consultation with our Partners.

Trauma                                      Neglect




Mental health                            Complex exploitation

Mental healthComplex exploitation



Strengths- based approaches Transitional safeguarding

Strengths- based approachesTransitional safeguarding


Resources and services

Partners of Research in Practice have access to a range of multi-media learning resources, training and services. To access, login to your Research in Practice web account.

Research and Policy Updates iconResearch and Policy Updates


Case Law and Legal Summaries iconCase Law and Legal Summaries


Evaluation iconEvaluations


Tailored Support iconTailored Support


Change ProjectsChange Projects


Open access resources

Open access resources are accessible to anyone working within social care or those who have a prevalent interest in the sector, sharing the latest news, research, and opinions.

Blog iconBlogs


Podcast iconPodcasts


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